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HayWeyer Heavy Duty Orange Hay Nets 
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Do it Youself Ideas



Make your own Bucket Buddy:
1 - 20 gallon brute commercial gray trash can, I got it at walmart for 20 bucks which includes a lid. Over a 2 year period I tried many other buckets but they cracked with sharp edges and became unsafe for my horses so these are the only type I recommend and they are cheap and easy to find.
Our DIY kit contains:
1 HayWeyer Bottom bolt to permanently secure net into bottom of bucket
1 HayWeyer Top Closure Bolt to close up top of net
1 Medium Size HayWeyer 40” Hay Net without drawstring

1.  with a 1 ¼” but no larger than a 1 1/2" hole saw, drill a hole in center bottom of bucket

2.  gather a few knots of the bottom of the net and feed it thru the hole and attach and close bottom bolt.

3.  stretch net over the bucket for easy filling, Fill with hay and gather net into top bolt, then screw bolt closed and toss it to them. They tip it over, roll it around but get pretty good at standing it back up in no time.

Horses feed in a natural head down position. Net permanently stays in bucket. There are no drawstring loops for their legs to get caught in and no clip snaps for their mouths or eyes to get caught in. The bolt takes a few seconds to thread all of the net on and screw but it’s well worth the piece of mind, extended feeding time and no hay waste.

For Horses with shoes, secure bucket so it never tips so shoes never can get caught in or come in contact with net.

Pictured below is our Regular size hay bag secured with a Top Net Bolt, (available in our store) to make a ground hay pillow. No Drawstring to get caught up in.We use these in a sparse sacrifice pasture/dirt lot Not recommended feeding this way with shoes or on shavings, sand, limestone or other area where ingestion of surface matter could cause colic concerns.

Below is a doubled up Bale Bag that is secured in 1 place within a old trough. It provides very slow grazing and is removable between feedings. Recycle, Repurpose, Reduce & Reuse things around your barn with our nets and bolts.

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