HayWeyer Slow Feed Hay Nets
   Proudly Made in Warrenville U.S.A.        1 Year Warranty on All of our Nets
  If your Horse does not have adequate pasture,  
Simulate Hours of Slow, Low "Grazing" with HayWeyer Products.

Create Fast, Easy & Affordable Slow Hay Feeders with our Unique Nets, Hardware and Do it Yourself Ideas.
No More t
hrowing costly hay away on Sand,
 Shavings or the S
tall floor.

See our Do it Yourself and Online store sections for directions and supplies to make this slow feeder. Feeding the same amount of hay while slowing the consumption rate makes it last much longer, stay cleaner, waste less & Horses are healthier, happier, busy and less stressed between meals. Simulated Grazing Benefits:
*Satisfies Horses Natural Grazing Instinct
* Saves Hay & Money, keeps it Clean, Less Waste
*Constant nibbling keeps digestive flow going,
  resulting in
 Reduced Colic, Ulcers,Weight Issues &      Increased Happiness
*Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients

*Can help insulin levels & reduce stomach acids     

*Can reduce boredom, anxiety, stress, stall walking,  weaving, cribbing and other bad habits 
ore chewing= more saliva, teeth wear & possibly less    frequent teeth floating
* No more planning rides around feeding times

* All Nets come with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY- our workmanship, materials & netting are of superior quality & durability. Constructed from tightly woven poly with approx. 2” holes. Chew resistant unlike many others that are easily chewed thru, ingested and could cause impaction colic concerns and holes that legs get caught in.

*They cost a little more than the price of the cheap ones but they are Made with Pride in the U.S.A. are MUCH more durable, versatile and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

*They Cost much Less than many of the smaller hole nets which can sometimes be too challenging and stressful to many horses. Our mares have destroyed many competitor nets before we went HayWeyer. 

*We offer many feeding styles, interchangeable parts & custom orders are welcome. See our Do-it-Yourself Ideas and Online Store to inspire your own slow feeding system. Our goal is to bring slow feeding to all horses that do not have adequate pasture. Call us anytime to see what we can do for you and your horse.

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       Bucket Buddy, Net is Affixed in Bucket! DIY Kits &           Instructions Available in DIY section & online Store

Additional Benefits of the Bucket Buddy:

Horses can “Graze” in a directly downward head position,   Slow and Low as Nature intended

All Hay and the little nibblets within the hay stay in the bucket and are consumed WITHOUT exposure and ingestion of shavings, manure, urine, dirt, sand or whatever surfaces their meals are usually served on.

Encourages Movement, especially when multiple buckets are available to multiple horses in same area.

Nets stand up for easy loading with non-clip Top & Bottom Bolts that keep net securely in bucket.

Portable to stalls, dry lots, paddocks, pastures & during travel

Easy to load, minimal labor

Can be used for horses with shoes if bucket is secured so shoes Never come in contact with net

Holds 3+ hay flakes for hours of portable, slow and low simulated grazing. All Seasons, at Home or on the Go
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        Slow Feed Hay Bags-2 sizes            1 Year Warranty
    NEW Larger Size Medium Hay Bag Approx. Length 40"
Holds 3+ Flakes of Most Types of Hay 
Larger than most Bags, Fits Bucket Buddy, Stall Buddy and an Ideal replacement for Tough 1 Easy Load Hay Hoop Nets 

Comes with a drawstring but you can purchase a top closure bolt for a safer way to hang it or to convert to a ground pillow. Add an additional bottom bolt to secure into an old trough or crack resistant bucket.
Make sure horses, ponies and mini's hooves are larger than net holes so they do not get hoof caught.


                      Bale Bag Size -Holds a 2 String Square Bale
Comes with a spring snap for hanging high or you can request a top closure bolt for a safer way to hang it or to convert to a ground pillow. Add an additional bottom bolt to secure into an old trough or crack resistant bucket.
If horse has shoes do not use nets on ground or low enough where hooves could come in contact with nets. Always hang bags from 1 point & high enough so shoes NEVER come in contact with net.
We Recommend securing & hanging bags from only one point as shown. 
Animals can get caught behind, between or strangled and/or tangled if improperly installed.

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Thru Jan. 31, 2015 Patent Celebration Sale $99 Each!    "Stall Bag Buddy" Solid Steel Slow Hay Feeder
Made with Pride in U.S.A.

Each one is Hand Crafted with Great Care and Attention to Detail
* Welded solid steel with rounded corners.

*  Permanently attaches to any solid wall. 
* Opens 90 degrees on Hinged Bracket-Stays Open 
for Quick & Easy Filling of Custom fit Slow Feed Hay Bag.

* You have Both Hands Free to Fill Net, 
Just Snap Closed and Slow Feed! 
Must be mounted higher on wall for horses with shoes so shoes could never come in contact with the net.

FREE Special Custom Size approx 35" Slow Feed Hay Net Included
  See How Easy it is! Watch How to Video Below
Click on: ONLINE STORE above left to order at Sale Price $99 until 1-31-2015

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